need some glazing/firing help!!

Nothing major. Mixed up the variegated blue from the Mastering Cone 6 book. It’s gorgeous!!! Fired the way they suggested. Waited until the cone 6 tipped and then turned the kiln to medium for 4 hours before shutting down so that it cooled alittle slower.

I have a few questions though. A couple of the glazes “took off” and ran abit. Is this something that should be tweaked while mixing up the glaze or something that you can alter with firing or something that some glazes just do. It was the variegated blue, waterfall brown and Ravenscrag dark crystal green. Other than that the glazes are amazing with the slow cool down.

Also, can you soak an electric kiln before you cool it? How do you soak? I’ve heard many people mention soaking but never thought to get details. Do you soak even if you are cooling slow??

Thanks a bunch for all the tips so far. We have been marathoning all weekend so I haven’t stopped long enough to take stalk of our firing but overall it looks great.

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