Team Activities

Participation in team activities is optional.  There are currently three types of activities that are scheduled regularly:

  • Heart slinging
  • Challenges
  • Swaps
  1. Heart slinging is an activity that takes place daily by and for a list of member shops. The sign-up for the following month are posted in the team discussion in the Etsy Community with a link to the sign-up posted as an Announcement in the Facebook group.  Heart Slinging was conceived to increase views and hopefully lead to sales for shops that decide to play. It’s turned out to be a great way to get to know our team members and their work. The list of the shops of the day for the week is posted as an Announcement in our private Facebook group. On daily basis, each participant is required to favorite the item in the upper left-hand corner position in each of the shops of the day. Please open the listing before favoriting it as it has an impact on stats. It also is required that participants have a pottery item in the upper left corner of your shop listings. If you have a non-pottery item in that position it will not be favorited. The point of Heart Slinging is to promote pottery.
  2. Challenges are conducted periodically.  Pottery items which meet the theme of the challenge are posted to a photo voting platform on this website.  The challenge schedule is also posted on this website.  Challenges are open for entry as soon as they are scheduled thus multiple challenges can be open for entry at the same time.  Voting takes place on only one challenge at a time. Challenges are promoted on social media when they are open for voting and those who participate either as an entrant or a voter are encouraged to share the challenge event on social media.
  3. Swaps are conducted periodically.  Swaps are announced on our private Facebook group.  Swaps are an internal team activity. A category of pottery e.g. mugs is chosen as the swap item.  When a swap is open for entry, instructions for entering and a link to enter can be found on this website. Once entry is closed, participants receive the shipping information for the participating member that is to receive their swap item. Participants only find out whose item they will get when they receive it.

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