Team Membership – Keeping current / how to leave

All memberships are reviewed on an annual basis. Membership dues are $15 per year and will automatically be deducted on Paypal yearly, unless you leave the group by unsubscribing. Members who unsubscribe from the dues payment and who fail to resubscribe to pay their membership when it becomes due will be dropped from the team. We also periodically review that shops maintain at least 40% of their total inventory in handmade clay items and that no more than 10% of your total clay inventory may be created using alternative method. However, there is no requirement to maintain inventory in your shop.

Should you unsubscribe from the dues payment, but wish to remain on the team, you can resubscribe before your next annual payment is due using this link: . Should you unsubscribe, you will receive at most one email reminder that you need to pay dues to remain on the team.

Should you wish to leave the team.

  • Go to the Etsy Mud Team in the Etsy Community  ( ) — remember to sign in to the Community first. Click on Options on the right hand side and where you can select “Leave the team”
  • Log into your PayPal account and go to where your subscriptions are listed and cancel your subscription to the dues payment.
  • Paypal notifies the treasurer when the subscription is canceled. When you leave the team or are dropped from the team, you will be removed as a member of this website. We do not remove members who have joined the private Facebook group from that group.  You can continue to participate in that forum as a former member.

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