Where to find information on team activities

There are three locations for Etsy Mud Team activity and information. We try to repeat important information in more than one location, but it is best to become familiar with what each one has to offer.

  • Team Pages in the Etsy Community
    • Make sure you are signed into the Etsy Community when you access this link. https://community.etsy.com/t5/Etsy-Mud-Team-for-makers-of/gp-p/6382
    • Currently we use this location to put post announcements and information about the team. Current announcements and information are posts that are pinned to the top of the discussions. This discussion page does not get monitored as frequently as the Facebook group.  If you are not on Facebook and do not wish to join just to communicate with the group and you have a question for the team or team leadership, you can contact me by email (etsymudteam@hotmail.com) or by Etsy conversation (LomaPrietaPottery).
  • Private Facebook Group.
    • We recommend that our members join this group. This is the primary location that is used by our members to communicate with each other. There is a new post for general discussion every day . There are also posts for specific topics of interest. As a member, you are welcome to post any questions or things you would like help on as individual posts or you can join the daily discussion — sort posts by Recent and the discussion for the day should display near the top. Posts containing information about on-going team activities are pinned to the top of the group posts as Announcements.
    • You can apply to join the group using this link  http://www.facebook.com/groups/1087107174647321 . Please answer the questions so that we know what Etsy shop is yours – it is not alwasy clear from your FB profile name. In addition, after applying please send a convo to Melissa at www.etsy.com/shop/MissPottery with your name and FB profile name is so that she can quickly add you to the private discussion group.
  • Etsy Mud Team website.
    • All members of the Etsy Mud Team are registered on this website. It is here you will find information on making the most of your team membership. Topics include:
      • Use of the team tag in your listings and on social media
      • Details on how to connect with us on social media as well as what our social media volunteers are doing to promote our members and what you need to do to help them find you.
      • Information on other team activities such as team challenges, swaps and heart slinging as wll as how you can participate. Participation is voluntary.
    • This website also has information about team including team leaders and volunteers, membership requirements and contact information


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