Holiday Online Show Prototype

This page is the prototype page for the EMT Holiday Online Pottery Show that we are planning to hold this fall.  The show will last four days, from Friday, October 23 through Monday, October 26, 2020. This text on the show page will be replaced with a short show description and the instructions on how to shop the sale.  Below this text, the images submitted by entrants similar to the examples following these words will appear.

Each listing will have:

  • Required: Photo (we highly encourage the use of high quality, stunning photos. They can be a grouping, a collage or 1 magnificent piece. Multiple examples below)
  • Required: caption specifying the shop or business name
  • Required: clickable link to store site (this can be your etsy shop, website or any other selling venue with a linkable shop like Shopify)
  • Optional: Artist name (required on entry but inclusion on listing is optional)
  • Optional: show special offer via a standard coupon code (Select from available choices on entry form if offering a show special)

The “Click to shop” link will go to the selling site the participant has specified. Their selling site will open in a separate tab, window or on some phones, screen if the Etsy shop app is installed so that the buyer can easily get back to the main market to select another seller.  This gallery has a feature that allows having the images in the gallery displayed in a random order every time the page is loaded.  This feature means that all listings will display fairly overtime to those that come to the page. The number of columns displayed is also responsive to the device it is being viewed on.  You are encouraged to view this prototype page on different devices.

Entry to the show will be by submitting the image that will be used for the listing and the required and optional information (listed above) using a Jotform form. This form is only used to collect the information and photo necessary for the creation of the online market web page. The online market page will initially only be available for logged in members to view so that entrants can verify that the information and links have been entered correctly. When the show becomes active, the page will be made public as our challenges are and promotion and links to it will be added on our home page.  FB, Instagram and email promotions should link directly to the market page and not just to our website.  We may create a similar page without the  “Click to shop” links or the show offers as a preview of the show.

Scroll down to see the prototype page of listings.  The photos and information are from one of our recent challenges and our website for the single item images and collage photos from the volunteer group working on this show.  If one of your photos is used, this is just an example page. If you register for the show, you will submit the photo you would like at that time.