Dawn Atkin is posting to our private FB group Issuu visual stories that can be shared in a variety of ways. You can find these stories in this post to our private Facebook group.

Due to the large number of participants we have in the Market (69) and the effort it takes to create one of these visual stories from our LookBook, not all participants will have their own visual story. We ask that if you don’t see one for yourself that you share one of another member of the team. You can tell your followers that you will be participating as well. Be sure to mention that the image needs to be clicked on to play the story.

This page contains some additional social media artwork you can use for Etsy Market  promotion before and during the show. There are images that can be used for Facebook and Instagram posts as well as ones that are for Instagram / Facebook stories.  One of these has room for you to add your own image

Here is a blurb you can use on your website or in your email / social media marketing. The bracketed information can be included during the days of the show.

This year, holiday gift-giving has taken on a new significance. Today, we want meaningful and enduring gifts. The Etsy Mud Team brings you unique handcrafted pottery to last a lifetime: from mugs to bowls, teapots to sculptures, vases to lamps. To help you with your holiday shopping, the Etsy Mud Team (EMT) is hosting an Etsy Market, November 6 – November 8. Join us to kick off our sale at 4pm PST on November 6 and meet the makers or CLICK HERE to go directly to potters’ shops. [Visit our Etsy Market Event page today]

Social Media for Show Promotion

These are show promotion images that have been formatted for use in the various social media platforms – Facebook and Facebook/Instagram Stories


Instagram Post

Instagram / Facebook Story

Instagram / Facebook Story
Show is Live!


Editable Instagram / Facebook Story template for Show Promotion

You can edit the story formatted image using a photo editor such as Photoshop or Canva as well as other photo editing applications.

Instagram / Facebook Story
Add a photo of your work.