Complete the registration form below. You will need to complete the registration and submit it once you start to fill it out as there is no ability to save it to complete at a later time. If you want a printed copy of the completed registration, there is a print button that you can select to print it before selecting submit.

Before registering, you will want to do the following:

  • Have your listing photo available. Your photo will display best if it is square, but if a square photo is not possible, I will be positioning it in the center of a square of background color before framing it for the listing.  Max file size 1Mb. The file should be no larger than 2000px x 2000px and its smallest side dimension should be at least 400px.
  • Decide if you wish to offer an optional show special using the coupon code EMTHOLIDAY2020. The purpose of this is to create a sense of urgency so customers will want to make a purchase during the duration of the online show.
    • Coupon code choices include:
      • % discount (whole shop)
      • % discount with minimum order (whole shop)
      • free shipping
      • free shipping with minimum order
      • % discount on select items
      • free shipping on select items
    • If you are linking to your Etsy shop (most participants), you must create the Etsy coupon for the show dates before registering. You will be asked for coupon code settings when registering.
    • If you are linking to a Shopify site, create the Shopify coupon for the show dates before registering. Use the same code and similar parameters to those available on Etsy.  If you find that the registration does not strictly accommodate the settings, register with choices that match as closely as possible and contact me (Terry Parker) with the information that will need to be added to your listing
    • If you are selling on your own website and you wish to have a show special, you could link the offer to a show specific landing page where you can put instructions on how to claim the offer.